Opening Zula’s spanking blog!

Facebook has been deleting sistematically my drawings…they seemeed rather naif for me but it seems that they are terribly pornographic and obscene for FB (I suppose that fb people don’t watch TV, neither read a magazine or have a walk by the neighborhood…poor of them when they will!!!…maybe they will burn themselves in protest!).

So that I decided to open this blog. I will post new drawings here.

I expect you to enjoy them and leave comments if you are pleased!

Madeline and Mr Sheffield

about a chapter of “Californication” also starred by Madeline Zima (the little girl of “The Nanny”, long time ago…)…if you didn’t see the girl is making love with David Duchovny…she is over him, in topless and with a smile in the face he hit ¿poor? Duchovny with the fist in his face many times…

Revenge of Luthor
, a commission I made for Marshall and “Alter Ego” of Luthor

Commissioned work

Wednesday and Uncle Fester
, Wednesday is grown up today…and mocking poor old Fester

(“Everithing is ok officer. The lady crashed my car and have no insurance, but we reached an agreement”)

, you must take your soup!

– The final, final Chapter!

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18 Responses to Opening Zula’s spanking blog!

  1. Jax Page says:

    ❤ your cartoons

  2. Dave says:

    Great to see you create your own blog. You are one of the best spanking illustrators I have seen — as you combine humor and sexyness into awesome art.

    Thank you,

    • nik zula says:

      Hello Dave, thanks for praising my work! praises are always good for the soul!… I’ve created the blog because Facebook deleted the page which I manteined for more than a year. I renewed the page and linked to the blog. It seems really a stupid thing delete that page (before, and during a week they were deleting drawings). I don’t think that the drawings I am doing are something “hard”…but well…there is what there is…jaja…
      Best regards!

  3. web-ed says:

    Best wishes for your new blog, and I know I speak for many when I say that we earerly await seeing more of your spanking art!

  4. Your ‘Spanking Cartoon’s are fantastic Nik Sula, continue in having a ‘spanking good time’, in drawing them for ever.

  5. E. Powers says:

    Nik, thank you for your cartoons. Some of them are extremely good, and the artwork is first rate. I have one suggestion, though. The English translations are sometimes not good (although you can always understand them). I would suggest that you get an American or Englishman to translate your work to English and I’m sure it will be even more popular. Keep up the good work!

    • nik zula says:

      you are right. My english is rather poor and I pay little attention to the translation (maybe my point was only make the text understandable)…We’ll see if I can better them in the future. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Gray Roman says:

    Sr. Zula:
    Your work is outstanding. I really appreciate your artwork and the humor. However, I wish there were more right handed spankers, like me featured.
    I especially like your artwork of the girls’ faces and backsides. Oh, and long live the mini skirt. I have some ideas of cartoons you could draw better than anyone else.
    Maybe when I move to Costa Rica soon I can learn Spanish well enough to offer to translate into English for you. Meantime, keep on drawing

    • nik zula says:

      Hello, thanks for your comment. I never realized I draw left handed spankers almost exclusively!!!…maybe is easier for me to draw…I am right handed…
      Best regards!

  7. Nik, your spanking cartoons are among the finest I have ever seen. I hope you will keep on drawing them in the future. It’s true that some of your captions are hard to understand in English, but we can always figure them out. What really matters is those great drawings. Thanks!

  8. Nancy C says:

    Is it Ok to copy and share these Drawings?…And of course give you credit when shared!

  9. Pascal says:

    Your drawings are not pornographic at all, just sexy. Facebook misses something! 🙂

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