Chiquito pero matón…

Como la maestra de su hijo esto de acuerdo con Ud y no apruebo los castigos físicos…¡el problema es que el si!

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13 Responses to Chiquito pero matón…

  1. Dave says:

    lollll….awesome… that’s a pure spanko in training 🙂

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Nik, discovered your wonderful site through Dave’s “Cherry Red Report” blog. I love your drawings for both your art and your wit. So very well done. 🙂

    This ‘toon had me smiling a mile wide. Thanks.

  3. wordsmith says:

    Came through Dave too…great cartoons!

  4. All my life, I have had a fantasy of wanting to spank a female teacher. This goe’s back when I was still a schoolboy living in ‘Merrie Olde Englande’, and I fancied one. I adored her and I so lovingly wanted to spank her. I wanted to bend her over her desk. Raise her dress to her waist. Pull down her knicker’s. And cane her. Yes, deliciously cane, her ‘six or more of the very best’, strokes. Until this day, this fantasy of mine is still alive in my mind. And this beautiful cartoon, reminds me of it. Thank you for printing it.

  5. Ingo says:

    Great drawing!
    A possible version of the same theme would be a couple of pretty young mothers of ill-behaved school-children showing up to meet the teacher after school, and getting spanked by the teacher for not doing a better job of raising their children.

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