Mixed box match!

Ud conoce las reglas, ¡no puede pegar debajo del cinturón!

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7 Responses to Mixed box match!

  1. Dave says:

    the other rule is you must remove your glove first, and then proceed with the spanking 🙂

  2. mariposa says:

    And since when do men a women box? Not fair! He is the one to be spanked for “hitting” below the belt :p

  3. Ingo says:

    If two ladies box and one of them accidentally hits the judge – would he spank her?

    • nik zula says:

      …all of us know that the judge put his head there, only to receive the stroke…but obviously he would!…we have paid our ticket and want to see the show!!!

  4. Ingo says:

    The Columbian Women´s Soccer Team failed to score a single goal as they were defeated by the Swedish team. Will there be spankings?

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