Does this job fit a spankee?

– Es una de nuestras mejores oficiales, pero tiene un gran problema cuando tiene que imponer su autoridad…

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7 Responses to Does this job fit a spankee?

  1. Dave says:

    🙂 I think the female officer should be spanking the guy. 🙂

  2. The Spirit says:

    You have such a wonderful sense of humor Nik. Your comical style of art too is very enjoyable to view, plus you’re a fellow Spanko! Cool, that’s a solid combo, so best wishes and much success for you in 2012.

    • nik zula says:

      Thanks for the nice comment Spirit!… the same Spirit who is author of wonderful spanking paintings???

      • The Spirit says:

        Yep Nik, I hope you didn’t mind me commenting. You also capture human expression very well through your line work, which fortifies the gag further. People feel good about themselves and their love of Spank’n’ when they smile widely. Spanking is FUN (at least for the Spanker), and your drawings convey that same joyous OTK message, like Fireworks.

      • nik zula says:

        I feel honored, Spirit! I enjoyed many of your drawings I’ve seen in the web. Thanks for the comment (a nice comment indeed!), is always pleasant to know that my cartoons are enjoyed.
        I think so…I believe that you can’t take a game like spanking too seriously…I think that humour and fun should be present…no one is suffering indeed…everyone is “acting”…
        I remember a character of the great Milo Manara saying (I think it was in one of the “Adventures of Giussepe Bergman”): “Manara shouldn’t draw a real dead…his pen would broke and he would ruin the paper…”…

  3. sixofthebest says:

    She gave me a ‘no parking ticket. In return, I gave her a knickers down spanking on her bare bottom.

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