The king’s will

– Mi querida reina…vuestro difunto padre fue un rey sabio y previsor. El anticipó esta situación, y me dejó a mi, vuestro primer ministro, instrucciones explícitas a seguir…

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4 Responses to The king’s will

  1. Ingo says:

    Great! Especially the look on her face.
    ( How about one of Mrs Fernández de Kirchner? )

  2. A queen’s naked rear end is tops when it need’s to be spanked. And the minister has been given an enjoyable task, by the late king, in spanking her majesty’s naked rear end, to the fullest,

  3. web-ed says:

    Love to see the high and mighty female taken down a notch with a good spanking! Looks like the young queen is blushing already….

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