The rules

– Mi querida profesora…en esta escuela no les damos nalgadas a los estudiantes…pero sólo a los estudiantes

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2 Responses to The rules

  1. For over 70 long years, since I’ve been a ‘spanko’, I’ve dream’t of spanking a naughty female teacher, on her bare bottom. But my preference, for her naked rear end, is a good caning. That is why my ‘nom de plume’ is ‘Six of the Best’.

  2. For as long as I’ve been a spanko (almost as long as you, Six), I have much preferred to spank with my bare hand. It gives me great pleasure to be able to feel her bare tush under my own bare hand, i.e., flesh meeting flesh. Most pics of milady being whipped or caned leave me cold, because those implements cannot FEEL, they can only hurt.

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