Proposing a little Challenge…just for play

It would be funny if you, visitor of this blog, propose a phrase for that busy man and a thought for that amazed girl. I’ll fill the blank globe with the best phrases!
Who takes the challenge?

(Sería divertido si Ud, visitante de este blog, propone una frase para ese hombre atareado y un pensamiento para esa muchacha azorada. Voy a completar los globos con las mejores frases propuestas.
¿Quien acepta el desafío?)

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29 Responses to Proposing a little Challenge…just for play

  1. Gray says:

    He: Call me an old baldey will you? Well, learn some respect, young lady.

    She: But…but, I thought I was respectful. Isn’t it true – bald is beautiful? Oh Owie.

  2. Mr J says:

    He is saying: “Why do I have to spank you so often? You are always misbehaving!”
    She is thinking: “I love being spanked so much. That’s why I misbehave!”

  3. W says:

    Man: “You never learn, do you?”
    Girl: “I learned how to get your attention!”

  4. Bare Spanker says:

    Man: “You stayed out too late with that boyfriend. Now you’ll get a sore bottom.”
    Girl: “That boyfriend already gave me one.”

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  6. Dave Wolfe says:

    He: “I warned you about looking at Nik Zula’s cartoons on the company computer!”

    She: “How very ironic.”

  7. Signora Marga says:


    – (thinking) Gosh, I’m getting wet again

  8. hal yoder says:

    HE: “caught shoplifting and you don’t want your mother to know!” She: “…this reminds me of that book 50 shades of gray that momma’s been reading!”

  9. Ingo says:

    This hurts me more than you!

    ( Thinking: Then surely it would be better if I spanked him! )

  10. Ingo says:

    – And until your daughter stops bullying Clara and Sofia, you will get spanked every Friday!

    ( Thinks: How could I be responsible for my daughter´s behaviour? I always leave her with the housekeeper! )

  11. Ingo says:

    By the way: How about some spanked lady athletes once the Olympics start?

  12. Dr. Ken says:

    He: …..and this is for going out without permission…..and this is for staying out past curfew….and this is for wearing a thong instead of a decent set of panties…..

    She: (thinks) Wait….I put on underwear???

  13. l1lpup says:

    Him – “I’m applying a little wisdom to the seat of learning”
    Her – “Feels like a spanking to me…”

  14. vfrat25000 says:

    Him: The boys at the Golf Club really knew what I wanted for my birthday
    Her: I wonder if I have the wrong address. I don’t think this guy is really Reverend McIntosh

  15. vincent says:

    he :you count in your mind the number of spanking you get in then minutes if it’s wrong i repeat for the double
    she:hi missing if the number is exact my bottom is sore red!!!

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