I was just remembering those days as preceptor in a school…why…why those excursions with stairs everywhere???…why???Sólo recordaba esos días como preceptor en un colegio…porqué…porqué esas excursiones con escaleras por todos lados???…porqué???

“DON’T LOOK UP!…DON’T LOOK! DON’T LOOK! DON’T LOOK!…and a little…I see…


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1 Response to Preceptor

  1. zer212000 says:

    WOW I ve saw lot of schoolgirl asses & panties when i was in the school! in the stairs when going up an looking up an ass at centimeter of your face!! and when they play jokes lifting their skirts or pulling down trousers…you could guess which kind of girls was according the underwear..some of them the more “nerds” ones, were the worst! wearing thongs showing it all lots of times…surely they deseve some smacks in those butts, (apart from the ones we give them fooling around some times..;) or just the full proper skirt raised panties down and ass in the air treatment on their fathers kness!

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