Nippur from Lagash

Nippur from Lagash, the sumerian, is a character created by Robin Wood and drawn by Lucho Olivera for a long time. Nippur is a fierce warrior, noble and just with no mercy for the wicked. Fighter of a thousand battles, other character said to him once “friend, your body (full of scars) is  a map of the wars”…
Nippur is not a “spanker”, but…ladies…do not anger him…
In the comic I scanned, the gir is hunting a wild pig. She fails and Nippur kills the animal. He believe that the girl was a boy, and the girl, in a a bad manner calls him “blind farmer”. Then Nippur as he realized she is a girl says “Ah, you are a little girl”. The girl, angry, says she is a woman. Nippur answers “not still”, and the girl slap Nippur in the face with the result you can see.

Nippur de Lagash, el sumerio, es un personaje creado por Robin Wood y dibujado por bastante tiempo por Lucho Olivera. Nippur es un fiero guerrero, noble y justo, sin piedad con los malvados. Luchador de mil batallas, en un capítulo otro personaje le dice “amigo mío, tu cuerpo (cubierto de cicatrices) es un mapa de las guerras”.
Nippur no es un “spanker”, pero chicas…no lo hagan enojar…


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