New generations

new generation_800

– ¿Una suspensión por llegar tarde repetidamente? ¡Se un hombre muchacho! ¡Fui la secretaria de tu padre y de tu abuelo antes que tu secretaria! ¿No aprendiste de ellos?…¡¡¡Una buena paliza es lo que necesito!!!


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3 Responses to New generations

  1. sixofthebest says:

    Yes, she is right. When it comes to corporal disciplining secretaries. She is saying my grandmother was spanked, my mother was spanked, I am being spanked, and in the future my daughter wll be spanked, when if we are secretaries, and are caught making errors in our work. And she is telling her boss, don’t change the system. If that be it, she will have to raise her skirt waist high, have her knicker’s taken down by her boss, and corporally punished. In this office, it will be a caning on her bare bottom. ‘Six of the best, the very best with the cane, on her bare bottom. Bravo, Bravo, Bravo. Mr. Nik Zula, for putting this spanking scene into your reportoire of spanking cartoons.

  2. Web-Ed says:

    This is great! Yes, what she needs is a spanking just like she used to get! (And just like the great secretary spanking cartoons of the 50’s).

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