Imminent spanking

imminent spanking_800

A little contest: Will she get away? Will she get a spanking?…you decide the next cartoon…

Un pequeño concurso: ¿la joven se escapa ? ¿recibe unas nalgadas?…Uds deciden el próximo “cartoon”

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13 Responses to Imminent spanking

  1. juanj says:

    se despierta la atrapa y le da una lección sobre no robar

  2. Maybe that man in chair is just a “decoy-duck” – a dummy to tempt that girl “The way is free!” – and the real man is lying in ambush to have an ability to spank her! An old pervert!

  3. zad zadigski says:

    Oh, I definitely think he will wake up and catch her. A cute bottom like that would wake the dead.

  4. Bare Spanker says:

    For each apple she will get 25 spanks.
    While being spanked she has to hold the apples so that her skirt is lifted like in the picture.
    If she drops an apple, she gets 25 more spanks.
    Then she has to pick up a dropped apple (without dropping another apple, or else 25 more spanks).
    If an apple that falls gets a bruise on it, she gets to be spanked until she gets a bruise.
    If after the spanking, her bottom is not as red as the apples, the old man will start all over (that is why he is sleeping, he needed rest becaus ehe just dealt with the previous girl that stole apples).

  5. penaclaudio says:

    En realidad se está haciendo el dormido para que la chica se tiente y robe las manzanas. Por fin tendrá un motivo para darle una paliza!!

  6. Johnny Ola says:

    “You want my red apples? – I’ll give you a red bottom!”

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