Damned Intravenous

intravenous_800– ¡No se que le pasó! ¡Sólo le dije que la inyección que necesito es intravenosa!

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3 Responses to Damned Intravenous

  1. Web-Ed says:

    This is quite funny, although the humor might be a little obscure. The male nurse(?) is disappointed because he was hoping to give her an intramuscular injection into her behind.

  2. Right! He knew he would get to tell her to stick her bottom out for it and then slowly bare it on command and then hold it still and say “I’m ready Doctor!” and then he would place his hands on it and clasp her soft plump bottom cheek firmly and administer pain to it while hearing her say “ooo ooo oo my poor bare bottom”!

    But instead all he gets is to find a vein in her arm while she sits on her bottom without showing him anything.

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