“Atención mucamas: Si rompen cristalería, serán nalgueadas.”

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5 Responses to Trickster

  1. Dave Wolfe says:

    Hello again, Nik!

    Just dropping by to say I’ve been enjoying your cartoons all over the place! Your line work reminds me a little of that of Bruce Timm! Do you work with pen and brush, or a graphics tablet, or both?

    We have several things in common, particularly a playful sense of humor and an appreciation of cute women. (“Cute women,” that may be a redundant phrase.)

    Many thanks, and keep up the good work!!

    • nik zula says:

      Hello Dave!
      Glad to hear that you enjoy my cartoons! Bruce Timm is a great artist, no doubt. But I feel myself more influenced by that artists of the 50’s and 60’s, like Dan de Carlo and others. For example I love the loose strokes of Dobal, an Argentine cartoonist ( Also love the work of Divito (Argentina), Pepo (Chile) and much others.
      I work with a 0.5 2B pencil (I prefer soft pencil) and render after with a 0.8 marker (or disposable stylograph?…never know the correct name…) Maybe there is a touch of the pc in some place to correct something, but I do not use graphic tablet.
      “Wolfietoons” are really great! I enjoy your work very much and think that you are right, we have much in common referring our sense of humor, we love the humor tangled with sexy women, and, weird thing, this is not as easy to find as one could imagine. You can see tons of hard situations, with little or none charm. I usually draw that cartoons I love to see.
      Thanks to you! (and excuse my english…worthy of Tarzan…)

      • Dave Wolfe says:

        Thanks very much for the praise, Nik, and for the links to the south-of-my-border cartoonists I hadn’t been able to see yet!

        Y no se preocupe por su inglés; es mejor que mi español– ¡mucho mejor! But the Movie Tarzan remark is pretty funny!

        I’m also a big fan of Dan DeCarlo, and several others.

        We both love women and find that spanking should be fun and funny! When you stop and think about it, anything sexual is pretty funny, anyway!

      • nik zula says:

        así que habla español mejor que yo inglés!
        Si. Para mi es inseparable el humor del “spanking”…de otro modo se trataría de una práctica violenta…y ahí opino como Milo Manara, “Manara no dibujaría un verdadero muerto…se le rompería la pluma y ensuciaría el papel”…jajaja (HP y Giuseppe Bergman)

  2. The cane is useful for knocking over the vase while pretending you didn’t do it.
    And of course, then it can be used to implement the policy for breakage.

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