A night in the Museum

a night in the museum_800

– Oh!…¡Que suerte que Ud. está aqui Sr. Guarda de Seguridad! Yo sólo….estaba probando este viejo artefacto y quedé atrapada. ¡Por suerte Ud. esta todavía aquí para liberarme!

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2 Responses to A night in the Museum

  1. I cannot free you from that thing my dear… the sign says not to touch it….
    …. however I can touch your bottom with my belt, strap, paddle and cane.

  2. nik zula says:

    If you see humor literally you’ll laugh almost at nothing. There are jokes about sex/crime/violence/hunger , and there are a lot (many of them really disgusting).I can’t laugh at real rape or abuse. Is something indeed terrible. In my “cartoons world” the characters are “blinking an eye” obviously in a consensual game. Is a world appart, not with the rules of our real world. In “Adventures of Giussepe Bergman” the starring says about his creator “Manara wouldn’t draw a real dead..his nib would broken and would stain the paper”…

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