At “La Panera Rosa”

“La Panera Rosa” – a play on words for “La Pantera Rosa” (“The Pink Panther”) is a bar in Palermo, Buenos Aires.
There you can have a cup of something hot and delightful things (cakes, pancakes and more)…and also you can do some coffee sketching in there white paper tablecloth!

sketches panera

-Silly jokes…1) I only asked for a toast… 2) …It seems that they are going to open a “Panera” in Transylvania. 3) Truly you have an “Ice” a day?

And of course…the spanking cartoon you want to see!!!

la panera_800– But sir…you misunderstood. “La Panera Rosa” have nothing to do with “The Pink Panther” and your troubled relationship with her!

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